Sixth Book Draft


On this draft I have added the introductory text to my book. This text is full of fact and figure about the population of London as it stands and how it is set to keep on evolving in the upcoming years. I think that this is a good present to introduce my book and gives the audience a bit of context as to what my book is about. I think it links well with the quotes, you start to gather that all these people live, work or are visiting London as the book goes on without being told or being left completely in the dark. I think that this makes my book more effective as a whole.

I chose to place this text across two different pages which meant that I had to change my layout around ever so slight. I think that the text page provides some space between text and images, with nothing else on the page also it mean that the audience is more concentrated on what they are reading. I placed an image before to capture the audiences attention and entice them to keep on reading. They are already into the book before they start reading which means that they are more likely to keep reading.

I also included more of the spreads the include a blank page and a photo on one of the pages. I have evenly spread these so that I am in keeping with the idea of symmetry that I am keen to hang on to. I think that it looks much better having more than two of these kind of pages, they break up the collection as a whole better making it flow better between pages. They also enhance my book as another form of layout keeping the book from being boring .


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