Layout – Blank Pages

After I exported my third draft of my book I asked a fellow photojournalist student to look over it. She told me that she thought having four portrait images one after the other was a bit intense and could maybe use something in the middle to break it up.

She explained that she liked the layout of the pages with quotes on them however I didn’t have anymore hand written quotes. Some people were in too much of a rush or couldn’t think of anything interesting to write and so simply didn’t. I didn’t push this because they had already done me a favour by letting me take photos of them.

I decided to see what the looked like with nothing sitting next to them. I think that these work quite well when placed in the sequence of the whole publication. I have placed them evenly throughout the book, which supports my thesis of symmetry throughout my publication and the idea of the book being automatically natural engaging and naturally aesthetically pleasing.

White space is quite fashionable within photo books these days and therefore I don’t feel that this is out of place at all when considered as part of my book. The blank pages are designed to let the publication breath and let the audience mull over what they have just seen. I don’t want to overwhelm people with lots of images one after the other because I feel that this will just look too busy and not be successful as a book.


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