Layout – Introductory Text


I have decided that my book would benefit from a section of introductory text at the beginning so that people are able to understand what the book is about. As it stands, my book is just a publication full of images of people that could be from anywhere, there is no indication as to how they are linked or what I am trying to say by producing this book.

This mass of text will consist of facts mainly focused on the population of ¬†London, its ever growing culture and tourism and therefore, inevitably, its advanced diversity of people. This will back up my idea for creating the book as a whole. It will not be a huge body of text as I don’t want it to overpower the images or overwhelm the reader. I feel that having this text, and the quotes throughout the book, enhances the interactivity of my publication and makes it a much more enjoyable read.

I am currently toying with the idea of having the text next to an opening image or on its own double page spread. I feel that having an image next to the text means that there is a fluid motion from reading the text to reading the images. If I were to place the text in the confines of its own double page spread, it would mean that there was a lot of white space in my book which I think would have a positive infliction on my book. The white space provided a break between the text and images which in turn makes the book much easier to read. It would also keep it much more modern and in keeping with the current market.


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