Layout – Quote Pages

I have decided to include some quotes next to some of my images. These quotes will be from the subjects of the images and explain briefly why they have come to London and what they do in London. This in turn will add context to my publication as no two answers will be remotely the same. On top on this, they will provide a personal touch to my book which will hopefully make it more potent as a photography piece.

I have chosen to have these hand written and scanned on to the page. I wanted to rip them out of my note book and scan then in because I feel like this presents more of a scrap book kind of aesthetic. I really like these more rugged looking photography books and therefore wanted to include some of these element. I think that they are much more powerful publication because they look like more work has gone into them, they carry more personality.

I think my quotes highlight the idea of individuality. No two answers will be the same much like no two hand writing will be the same, it enhances the idea that no two people are the same and the vast diversity of people in London. It will also help my book to stand out from others of its kind.

I asked the people I photographed to write down why they are in London at the time of taking their portrait. This was incredibly efficient, they wrote something down in my note book as I checked their images and made sure they were correctly exposed. This immediacy makes their answers much more valuable as they wrote down the first things that came into their heads. I think this helps to portray personality and character into their images which makes them more enjoyable to look at. The audience are able to empathise with them and form bonds with them. Overall, I think having quote makes my book much more authentic.


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