Third Book Draft


I feel that this is my strongest layout so far. I have managed to successfully chosen full page images that I feel express the diversity of people in London just the way that I wanted them too. I have blown these up so that they cover the page in their entirety which I think works much better within the book as it mixes the layout up but is not too drastic so that the book looks messy.

I have tired to incorporate symmetry into this draft. There are many studies that show, in human genes, symmetry is considered a sign of pure beauty. It is said that the symmetrical someone face is the more attractive they are considered to be. I linked this to composition and layout in the idea that the more symmetrical my book is the more aesthetically pleasing it will be and therefore the more impact it will have on a reader.

I have also changed the front cover of this image, While I likes the previous sunset images of the summer sky to start and then the night time image to end. I feel that it didn’t make much sense to have dark images on the front and then open the book to images of people during the day and the sun light. I decided that it would be more effective have the front cover as a day image of the London skyline and the back cover as a night skyline. This presents a kind of linear narrative for the book and hints at the idea of day to night making the book easier to read.


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