Fourth Book Draft


I showed my previous layout to a friend who said that some of my layout choices were still quite intense. I had 4 portrait images one after the other within my last book at the beginning and at the end. She suggested that this would work better in perhaps I had some images in the middle to break it up.

I used the idea of blank space to help break up my images and provide a break for people to reflect and internalise the images that they have just seen and have a change to think about the message that I am trying to send.

I am not sure how I feel about the images I have chosen for this. I think that I need to ether have portrait images or images of couples in order for them to flow, personally I think they look a bit out of place. I also feel that in order for them to make sense within my publication that there should be more than just the two of them, one at the beginning and one at the end. While they fit in with my idea of symmetry, I just feel that perhaps I haven’t pin pointed there potential yet and this is something I will continue to adapt.


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