Second Book Draft


Here I have started adding The full page spreads to my book and have revised some of the layout choices I made in my first attempt, mainly the pages that feature landscape orientated images. I didn’t like how these looked on the page for one, they looked quite messy as the appear just to be in the middle at random. There was no uniform or reason behind it. I chose to have the next to each other on the page because I feel that this looks much neater and therefore more professional.

I think that the full page spreads effectively break up the intensity of my book and make it much more enjoyable. I think they successfully provide more insight into the lives of people in London and the range of people that go there which is the thesis of my book as a whole.

I am going to work on my full page spreads, I don’t think they should have boarders around them. It makes the layout much too similar and one of the aims of these images was to vary my layout completely. I also want strong images that represent different aspects of the London lifestyle.



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